Startup Consulting and Nurturing

The Indian Startup Ecosystem is maturing into one of the best ecosystems globally, with constructive government initiatives and financial backing from global leading investors, the stakes will rise higher in near future. In such times one needs crisp impeccable startup consultation and nurturing to put the right step forward from inception.

Business Incorporation

We are one of the leading and most economical Business Incorporation companies in India for early stage Startups. We excel in providing an entire suite of services for establishing any form of business entity.

Legal & Compliance

To comply with all Regulations, Governance, Standards, Policies, Rules & Laws we have our team of CA, CS and Lawyers with years of industry experience offering a helping hand and scrutinising for everything that requires our assistance.

Our Financial and Legal Experts help you maintain legal, regulatory and tax compliance throughout the life cycle of your Business and let you focus 100% on what you should focus on – Your Startup!

Due Diligence

While raising funds, it becomes overwhelming for an entrepreneur to understand various legal paperwork and clauses. Our experts help you understand each line item so that you are clear on what you are getting into. We also highlight how various clauses can impact your startup throughout its life cycle.

Individual Matters lets you understand what you’re getting into and do not let you fall prey to standard clauses alibi. Negotiate better with investors & let experts handle the show.

Fund Raising and Securing Business Loan

Raising funds is an indicator of a startup’s progress and we like to partner with your team in efforts towards growth and prosperity of business. We evaluate companies and build detailed plans for their growth on the basis of which a decision is made as to what kind of funds can be raised; such as Angel, Seed, Series A/B funding from a VC Firm, Debt Funding, NBFC, Nationalise Banks, Central and State Government Institution and Government Schemes.

We also assist in necessary negotiations between two parties while drafting the share purchase agreements. We help startups with our large pool of Investor and Mentor network of VCs, Accelerators, Angel funds, HNIs, Banks, etc. to raise necessary funds.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We provide solutions to startups looking to outsource their complete finance and accounting functions to a single partner. Individual Matters is a one-stop solution provider, offering end-to-end services using professional and affordable means. We provide onsite, scheduled visit and remote accounting services for all types and sizes of businesses.

Outsourcing your books to us will help you focus on your core business issues and also brings in necessary cost optimization. We can service your books throughout India. Our team consists of professional and experienced bookkeepers who are equipped with latest updates and technology.


Taxation Individual Matters provides efficient, expert and cost effective tax solutions to startups in every field. Our basic services include advice on all tax related issues and tax planning. We also offer a host of specially designed services to cater to the unique needs of Startups.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and personalized service to each one of our clients. We started this initiative to offer practical tax solutions acceptable to both, the Tax Department and the Tax Payers. We provide suitable tax planning to startups ensuring that they legally maximize their earnings, eventually reducing their tax burden. Our team consists of Chartered Accountants who provide assistance in Assessment and help reduce tax burden!

Intellectual Property

Individual Matters know that miscommunication or irregular communication on IPR Issues may result in abandonment of applications; thus it endeavors to all communications pertaining to their client on real time basis ensuring the proper protection and enforcement of its clients rights.

Individual Matters offers wide array of services including but not limited to Identification of IPR’s; Protection of IPRs; Management of IPRs and Enforcement of IPRs; The services include creating awareness of IPR, IPR Audits, Filing of IPR Applications being Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Design etc., processing Applications by timely responses, maintaining them live by paying appropriate renewal fee, licensing, commercialization and Enforcement of Intellectual property Rights.

RBI / FEMA Compliances

Individual matters supports businesses to submit various forms to RBI like FC-GPR, FC-TRS etc. related to Foreign Direct Investment/Overseas Direct Investments.


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